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Para aceite y combustible

Oil – Fuels – Petroleum Fractions


DETECT + UV OIL has been specially designed for detecting leaks in closed systems containing all types of oils, fuels and petroleum fractions. This tracer is the ideal formulation for professionals and private individuals in the automobile and truck sector. It is also perfect for maintaining agricultural and construction equipment and machine tools together with general industrial maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic networks, etc.



• Find the origin of leaks and sealing defects in your welds, joints, linkages, etc. quickly and easily
• Check the tightness of your hydraulic circuits
• Detect a leak in your oil and fuel tanks
• Trace and guarantee the origin of your oils and fuels



• Ideal for all types of oils and fuels
• Quick, easy and inexpensive diagnosis
• Bright colours with very high contrast
• Lifespan over several weeks
• Easy to inject and release the correct amount using the 50 ml syringe



Our PRO packs

PACK PRO 1000 Litros - Detección de fugas de aceites y combustibles

PACK PRO 250 L - Detección de fugas de aceites y combustibles


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